Google Adsense is the best ad platform. All of us who are related to blogging and targeted income with sharing knowledge wants the Adsense approval. Adsense approval is not easy. So many topics we have to keep in mind. Here I am listing some of them.

1. Which platform or CMS you will take: WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, Jumla or any other mms you can use. It does not fact to google. So you can choose any kind of CMS. But to the Adsense publisher, the WordPress and blogger is famous.

2. Write 100% unique articles: One of the most important topics that you have to keep in mind that writing 100% unique articles. Write at least 250+ word’s articles. But it will better when you will write 1k+ word’s articles. This one is my personal suggestion. How many articles you will keep in your blog it depends upon your niche. If the quality of the article is okay then 15-20 articles are enough. Here I okay article means Research Journal, Higher Study or like this.

3. Use the image which has no copy-write issues: You have to be a graphics designer that not mandatory. You can use an image which you copied from google. But before using the image make the image unique. There are several ways to make an image unique.

4. Design the necessary pages: If you want to apply to Adsense, About, Contact, Sitemap and privacy, these pages must have to create in your site. Other many pages you can create. But these 4 pages are mandatory.

5. Keep a minimum of 5 categories on your website: So many designers may offence here. But I will tell this is most important to get approved Google Adsense. Who are new in blogging I will tell to follow this. Before applying in the Adsense make at least 5 categories. In all categories write some articles. You can keep the same article in different categories, no problem here.

6. Submit Sitemap to Google: Before applying to Google Adsense site submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools.