delete facebook all posts
delete facebook all posts

In the year 2017, I opened an online news portal naming with cofounder Dr. Saad. Due to my sickness, the news portal was shut down for 2 years. In 2020 both we decided to open the news portal again. While we were maintaining our news portal we had our Facebook page and we shared all the news there. We made a mistake that we did not renew our hosting. For this, we lost our previous news. As we shared the news to our Facebook pages so the link still remained on our Facebook page. The number of news link is huge and the news links do not exist now. So I have to delete them all. If I delete one after another then the task is horrible. Thanks to Facebook to keep an option where I can select 25 news at a time and delete them.

To do this first go to your page. In the top bar, you will Publishing Tools. Click on it.

Delete All Facebook posts from facebook
Delete All Facebook posts from Facebook

See the screenshot. In the left bar, you will see another option saying Published Posts. Click on it. As shown in the screenshot you will see there are 25 posts showing in one page. In the box, just top of the posts sees a box with Text Posts. Tick mark on the box. All posts will be selected.

At the right side of the search box, you will see a drop-down box with saying Actions. Click on it. Select delete. All posts will be deleted.