Among all the virus boot sector viruses are one of the oldest forms of computer virus. At the time of your start up time of your pc it infects the boot sector of floppy disks or the Master Boot Record(MBR). Some also infect the boot sector of the hard disk instead of the MBR. To start the operating system and other bootable programs the boot sector contains all the files required. Before starting your any security program like your antivirus program the boot sector virus run allowing them to execute malicious code.

When the system is booted from an infected disk the infected code runs. If the infected code runs then it will rapidly infect other floppy disks . The boot sector virus use DOS commands while it infect at a BIOS level.

Because of this virus located on the boot sector of your hard drive, and it runs before the operating system begins, it’s possible for boot sector virus to cause a lot of damage. Depending on their aim, each boot sector virus works differently. Adware or malware virus creating is the common and general irritating issues.

Most commonly Boot sector computer viruses are spread using physical media. After it enters to a computer, it modify or replace the existing boot code. After that when a user tries to boot their pcs the virus will loaded and run immediately. By phishing you can also affected by boot sector virus. It is also possible to send you a attachment with boot sector virus code to your pcs.