Your user may only visit your website for the programming category. Probably like all other bloggers you want that your that user visits your other categories also. You may have another 10 categories that the user is not interested in. To attract the users oftentimes bloggers wonder how to make a separate RSS feed for their individual WordPress categories. In this tutorial, I will show you how you can make a separate RSS feed for individual categories.

To do this you don’t need any hard coding or so many technical parts.

You may like wordsence’s science and tech category and wants to subscribe to it. Here is the link of wordsence’s science and tech

Now you simply add the feed after the science-tech/ After that the URL will be

Let your user know about that. After that give them the opportunity to subscribe to it. When a user opens any individuals pages they will see by adding this to your theme. Now they have the options to subscribe to individuals categories.

There are another one options. That is adding a little code. This code will help you let your users subscribe to separate RSS by letting them know they can.

<?php wp_list_categories(‘feed_image=https://www./ Feed&optioncount=1&children=0’); ?>

Here I used my blog URL. Change it by your’s blog URL. Paste this code in your sidebar where you have the category codes.