No, there will be not any kind of imperfection, sorrow, illness or negative things in Jannah (heaven).

Allah (the almighty) said in the Quran:

“There no sense of fatigue shall touch them, nor shall they (ever) be asked to leave.”-(The Quran 15:48).

“And We shall remove from their breasts any sense of injury (that they may have), (So they will be like) brothers facing each other on thrones.”-(The Quran 15:47).

“For such, the reward is Forgiveness from their Lord, and Gardens with rivers flowing underneath (Paradise), wherein they shall abide forever. How excellent is this reward for the doers (who do righteous deeds according to Allah’s Orders).”-(The Quran 3:136)

“And you will have therein whatever your souls desire, and you will have therein whatever you request [or wish].”(The Quran 41:31).

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said:

“Only those who enter Paradise receive comfort.”-(Ramuz al-Ahadith-1, p.138/13).

“Allah said: ‘I have prepared for My righteous slaves (such excellent things)
as no eye has ever seen, nor an ear has ever heard nor a human heart can ever think of.”-(Sahih al-Bukhari).