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There is a myth in our society that “If you are not doing anything wrong, then you don’t have anything fear”. In a general sense, we believe that the people only engaging in nefarious activities need to protect their identity. Most of the time it’s true. There are some good reasons also to ensure your anonymity. Especially anonymity for online. You may face a serious problem if you are unable to make sure your identity at the right time.

On the internet why you need to be anonymous? Continue with me.

1. Protection on Identity

Image collected from Google

Most of the time you may not want to know who you really are. In this case, it’s not mandatory that you are involved with any illegal or such type of activities which may questionable. Think about your the level of social safety that comes with anonymity. This is mostly important for introvert persons. Not only for the introvert persons for the celebrity persons also who have global recognition.

In an interview, President Barak Obama said in a question of Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld: What is that you really want to do that they won’t let you do?

Baraka Obama:  I would love to just be taking a walk and then I run into you and you’re on a bench. And suddenly I say, “Hey Jerry, how’re you doing?” You say, “I’m doing pretty good what’re you doing?” I say, “Nothing. Just a Saturday morning.”

You may not think about being valuable by being anonymous – but it is.

Think about South Korea, all resident of South Korea have their own resident registration number (RRN). When they want to register any online platform like emails or any other games then they have to provide the resident registration number (RRN). This makes a lot sense. In 2006 Hundreds of thousands of RRNs were leaked. You remember the game naming Lineage? Then the hackers used this resident registration number to create account on this game naming Lineages. This game is related to the money laundering operation. Here I am adding the most important thing. The resident registration number was not hacked by hackers. It was sold by a company.

So to avoid such type of harassment or looses we should maintain anonymity.

2. For some sensitive issues

Most of the people actually fall into this group. Consider a situation. A man is struggling with the problem of sexuality. He need some answer that has in his mind. But he could not go to people. This person can ask all of their question in an online community. In that case he/she must ensure online anonymity. Then he/she will able to get all of his/ her answers without revealing their identity and risking premature exposure.

If I wish this list may go on. Suppose a people who is struggling with mental health issues or the people who need divorce advice etc.

You will never want that in any of this case your identity may come front? Definitely not. This strategy followed by Reddit. Have you created your account in Reddit? If you then you have seen you don’t even have to provide an email. Address to create an account. For this person here feel free to ask to provide information without risking their identities.


In my next article, I will show you how to be anonymous. Stay connected with wordsence.