How ssl certificates works
How ssl certificates works

Go back to 2014. Google published a post announcing HTTPS as a ranking signal. If you were a developer then or someone was working for your site SEO advised you to add https to your site for better rank even rank faster. But the reality is this had never any set impact on your site and in future will not. Now you may have a question in mind. Then why Google make notice about the SSL with the ranking. The truth is they wanted to make you noticed.

Firstly protect the user of a sites user and also to make the user security for the long term Google has announced this. Consider you have a e-commerce website without the SSL added. And another one has also the same quality website but he/she has the same quality website. A customer who are searching a product may have to both the website. Google will show that site first which has the SSL added in his/ her site. Well, you noticed it has a value in the website ranking on google.

Now come back to the Google Chrome. After the version of Google Chrome 68 HTTPS is again in the spotlight. Now google actively highlights websites as secure and not secure to users. Here one thing must rememberable that Having an SSL certificate does not mean you have a secure website. Now dig a deep. How the SSL certificates work?

When you enter a website URL in the URL bar then the website provides the certificates to the browser. If you have the SSL certificates then the browser validates that the certificate. That certificate has been provided by the website. The user is trying to visit the website is it valid for the same website? This is also checked at the time of accessing a website.  Is the browser finds that the website has the SSL certificates then the connection continues as secure?

In my next article, I will show you how to get an SSL certificate.


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