First of all, I am agree with you that purchasing software is expensive. In three ways you can use the software. Especially there are three ways by which the software company earns through software. Number one the company get their software without any cost. They earn by showing advertisement in their software. This has happened mostly for the small types of software. The next types of software firstly give you some access. Actually some limited access. Then when you become used to with their software they demand charges for more modules. Some of them give you full software access but for a limited period of time. After the trial period, you have to pay for them. Most of the case this happens. There is another category also. Basically for the higher types of software. You have to pay first to use their software. Even they do not provide you with any trial period also. This types of software are widely known and have well reputation also.

Think about the general users. What we do when we need software? Firstly search on google ………. Software free download with crack files. And some advance users who are familiar with torrent files directly get the software with the crack files. Now think from your side, why you are getting a $100 dollar software for free. You must have to pay anything without money for the software. Now go to deeper. What we actually pay them for using the free software.

The software you are using may be Malware infected

A report by the security company Cybereason estimates that over 500,000 machines have been infected by malware from just one cracked app. So from now before using any cracked software remind these statistics. Downloading of illegal software are frequently stuffed full of dangerous malware. If once you download and install those types of software then it is sure that the malware which is hidden inside your software can steal information from your computer. Some malware programs are which download other malware programs also by itself. Now mostly there are 2 types of malware program on the internet. They are Azorult info stealer and Predator the thief.

At a glance, the Azorult info stealer steals information like browsing history, Your login user name and the password, Your browser cookies and the cryptocurrency information.

You have to visit an unexpected website

It’s also a disturbing matter. Think about the situation. You gossiping with your mother or with your sister. At that time you are also working in software. I mean here the cracked software. At that time a website full of the nude image opens. Yes, these types of situations occur. Inside the free cracked software, you have to face these types of situations. So here I will add this reason in the position of second that to download cracked software, you generally need to visit sites which specialise in cracking. According to the law, these sites are illegal also.

In most of the time, the cracking sites have popups or redirect which send you browser to further dangerous sites.

You may have to face Legal Problems:

Already you are now aware of that downloading and installing cracked software is illegal. If any software company caught you, you could face a range of consequences.

For Example, of legal problems is the software vendor temporarily or permanently may block your software. If you download a game illegally and try fo play if online then you might find yourself banned not only from those particular games but also from online gaming platforms like Xbox Live.

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