Firstly I would like to give a thanks to social media. There are so many reason. Today I will not go to that point. We spend a lot of time now in social media and shares a lot also. We documents our lives through work and social apps.  Networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are digital public spaces, while work apps like Slack, Zoom, and Google Docs help us work remotely.

In the social media we share a lot including our personal life also. Most of the time we inevitably share personal details. But this may cause harm to you. Here I will discuss some of them which you not share in your social media

Details about your Upcoming Vacation

You have received a vacation from your office with some extra money. You decided to go to the sea beach of the largest sea beach of the world the CoxBazar. You should now share this news in social media. Maybe you are sharing to collect the information is anyone there but at the same time the team of robber can make plan to commit robbery at that time when no one you are in your house.


In your device there are two types of location data. Number one the data you choose to post that is called the active data. Another one is the data that is gathered by your apps and devices.

In a sunny afternoon you are playing with your baby and sharing the news to Facebook with the location. Then your enemy easily can track your location. Exactly not for that, say now you are in a restaurant and eating some food with your girlfriend and sharing the image with the location tag. At the same time, one of your enemy is just beside your restaurant who wants to hart you. Next situation not to write, you can guess what will be the next step.

Now come to the number 2 option about the passive data collection. Without your input, the passive data collection is done. Though this data is not posted publicly but this data is sold to some company who wants. So your movement will be trackable by them.

Your friend’s personal video that you took without his permission

Now in the social media we see so many prank video here especially I am saying about the friend’s prank video. After seeing that you can think to make one. Never ever do it. Though you can easily can do it. Our cell phones are always in our hands. So easily you can take a video of your friend when he may do his personal job and share it on the internet. You know an amount of suicide committed due to this. So this is illegal also. Obviously you will make fun with your friend and share it with your other friends, But before making this both of you make sure this is shareable and no one have not had any objections.

Your Credit card picture

After seeing the title you may think ahh, is anyone do it? Yes, I saw personally some people after getting their first credit card share the image in the internet. Even to prove that it is his personal they don’t blur the confidential sections also. They uploaded the credit card image to social media and say hey I got my first credit card today. With this, you are giving access to all person who has the credit card number and the expiration date can shop or even you may be hacked.

Your Secret selfie

Social media is not the place of your personal selfie. You might keep a special collection for your girlfriend or boyfriend. Obviously you don’t want that these images to show your mother or your father. Then never share your personal selfie to social media.

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