how to write good gig description
how to write good gig description

To become successful in fivers marketplace among all the most important thing is Writing a good gig description. I will tell here what is gig description where you have to place or others. Today I will share my knowledge about the gig description. How you should write a gig by which you will get more orders. Some calls this type gigs ’SEO friendly gig’

At the beginning

At the very beginning give your buyer a warm welcome. It’s a psychological fact, when you give a warm welcome then your buyer keeps his/ her eye and mind on your gig.

Is this case say your gig is about WordPress, then if you start with hey if you are looking for a WordPress developer………. This is a bad practice. Your buyer obviously in your gig because he is looking for a WordPress developer. Here you can start with ‘Take respective greetings’ or such types of words.

A short description of you

Secondly, place a short description about you. Here never use long texts. This should be very short and attractive.

Example: My name is Maruf Siddique, I completed BSC in CSE am professional Software Engineer ………. Never use too much about you. The buyer never wants to read you are that you are those, They just want your work portfolio. Never mismatch. I am not telling that you have to avoid this section. Must you have to add this section after the greetings message? But shortly and as much creative, you can be here.

Brief what you want to serve

In the third section now tell your buyer to what you are ready to give your order. Here be specific what you are ready to give.

Be specific about what you want from your buyer

Say you working on product listing or lead generation. Then tell your buyer you don’t work with the pdf or any type of file that you don’t work. You can also tell your buyer what you exactly need to start your work. Before making the gig offer please clarify everything. Think about the situation when you are working as a shoplift product lister. Then before making the gig offer ask him do you need the description or see tag or others else. You should include this in your gig.

At the last Invite him

After all the description and all of your requirements now feel free to invite your buyer to place an order. You can be tricky here by saying that 100% money-back guarantee

Lastly, you should also tell him that ‘If you have any question please leave a message, I will reply you ASAP.

Lastly never forget to give Thank you. You can say ’Thank you for reading’ If you have attached any pdf with your article then also mention it by saying ‘Sell my PDF attachment you can get a clear idea about examples from that.

If you follow this all rules that I mentioned here to write your fiver gig description then you will get much more order from your Fiverr account.

I am Md Maruf Siddique. Chief Software Engineer of Infonex Software International Limited  Editor of I hope my article benefited you. Share this article with others. Thanks.
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