How to Write a fiverr gig title
How to Write a fiverr gig title

Fiverr the largest online marketplace now. Now this Digital world for the Digital services Fiverr is the World’s largest marketplace. From billions of digital services the buyer able to choose his right worker. Today in my this article I will not talk about the buyers. Today I will tell about how to get a job from a fiver. To get from Fiverr firstly you have to bring your gig to the top page. And to bring your gig to the top page the first thing you need an eye-catching gig title. A see friendly gig title.

Follow my instructions to write an eye-catching, SEO friendly gig title.

Firstly remember The gig title you are creating will be the URL also. After finishing your gig you will remind your first gig title memorable. The Fiverr URL is like “Username/gig title” That means if you are making a gig for a logo designer and your gig title is I will do logo within 24 hours then the title will be “Your username/I will do logo within 24 hours”

So see optimised URL creation is the key to success.

Secondly, Remember you are creating your gig to attract your buyers, not the sellers. So while creating it place yourself at the position of the buyer. Think about yourself if you were a buyer then which title you choose. So create a buyer-friendly title. I am repeating one word that is after the URL is generated it ti permanently set. You can update your gig title later but you can not change the URL. So try to make the buyer-friendly title for the first time.

Hidden tricks, in your niche, refer to the best sellers. You will see most of them use the same keywords. With those use your own keywords also to make your gig title unique.

Do you know about keyword? When a buyer will search for a seller he will search by keyword typing at the search bar. The search bar of Fiverr first looks upon the title bar. If this matches with the title then show those results. So place your gig keyword in the title.

Use the prior keyword first position. I am giving you an example. Say you are making a gig for WordPress. Then you can make your title like I will Edit or modify your WordPress site. No, the title should be “Wordpress site will be edited or modified by me”

Make your Title short. Never make the title too long. Remember thousands of similar sellers waiting with their gigs. Among them, you have made your buyer choose your’s one. Make your title as short as possible.

To make your title short you can use number.

Never do any spelling mistake or any Grammar mistakes. This will hamper your gig.

I sure you if you follow these rules while you are creating your gig title then you will get many much orders. Happy freelancing.

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