How to Promote gig on Fiverr
How to Promote gig on Fiverr

Most often I listen that, Brother I created a gig on fiver but not getting any order till now. What can I do? How I can promote my gig. The worst thing I also saw that they create a community, maybe a Facebook group then share each other gig and tell you to love my gig I will do the same.

But If you follow the exact strategy for your fever gig then you will get more and more order. Believe me, one time you have to shut it off your new order.

#1 Write the title in the proper way

Just in my previous article, I showed how to write a good article. Never make any grammatical or pronunciation mistakes. Make it simple but full of see friendly words. I will tell the full here. Who mistakes my article on how to write good fiver title please see it from here.

#2 Make SEO friendly description

Making an SEO friendly description is the key to your success in Fiverr. A full article here in wordsence I wrote about how you can write a good description for your Fiverr Gig. Who missed the article please see from here.

#3 Making good tags for your gig

If you dreamed up to ranked on top your gig then follow this strategy. Find out the best tags. To lead in this network there are a lot of Fiverrgigs our there fighting for. If you want more clicks then you must have to bring your gig at the top page of the same keyword searching the buyer to hire a person. To endure that more people coming across your gig account while they are browsing firstly optimise your gig tags. I personally take the help of Google Keyword tools. To be more honest I also see other gigs tags also.

#4 add more images

Please don’t add those types of add which are not relevant with your work. Add the images which are relevant to your work. Try to use more images in your gig. The best practice is to use those images which you already did with your previous buyer.

#5 Do seo your images

Do you know about the image SEO strategy? If not then please take help of an expert. This will help you to rank your gig.

#6 Posting Videos

The gigs which only gives their pieces of information with the plain texts will be in the lower position from which gig has a video description. This strategy guarantees you more clicks and likes. Through your video within a short time, your buyer will get an overview both of you and your work. Videos also allow you to pass more detailed information about you.


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