How to increase sales on fiver

You may have a skill, but a man has a business idea that he or she wants to implement. So some people needed those skills because they do not power them. To connect these two types of people fivers is created. One will search their worker another will search job from here. Today I will talk about the seller. For the buyer Fiverr is the best place for them to hire the best person at a cheap rate.

Millions of seller are now in fivers. So remember you have too much competitor for selling your digital products. They are also struggling for more sales also. So you have to do some unique to chess them. In this article, I will show you some tricks by which you can do to increase sales in Fiverr.

#1 Simple title

Yes, I ranked it at the top of my list, use a simple and user-friendly title for your gig. Must look upon that there is no speaking mistakes or pronunciation mistakes in your title text. I wrote a full article on how to write a job-winning title. If you missed it see it from here.

#2 A better profile picture

Most of the case we upload a profile picture like suited booted. Never do it. Use a profile picture with smily face of you and must ensure. You can think is it works? Yes, this strategy works. The more attractive the picture is, the more attention you will be able to get. Make clear cit picture of yourself. This will gain your buyer’s attention.

#3 Create a creative thumbnail image

The image plays a great role to get an order from a fiver. By attractive thubblain image, you will get more attraction of your buyer. In the thimble in image try to use the short word, eye-catching and keyword texts.

#4 Create a unique gig

IN most of the case we just copy and paste our gigs. This is not a good practice. You can provide the same service that others are offering. It’s okay. Within this try to make your title unique and attractive. Don’t add anything in your gig that you really can not do. Be truthful in your gig description.

#5 Promote Gig to social media

In order to increase your sales promote your gig to social media. But never ever misuse this topic. I saw some people are posting in some social media groups related to Fiverr that you like my gig send me screen short I will do the same. This is a bad practice. Find out that groups from where the buyer really comes to find the best freelancers. It may be Facebook, Instagram, Forum like Reddit and many others.


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