Now its time of freelancing. So many freelancers are working through in these industries. In these industries there are endless ways in which you can make money. There are a number of freelancing platform in the online. Among them, Upwork and Fiverr these two platforms are the best. This is really tough to answer this question is which platform is better? Each site has its own working strategy. At the same time, each site offers something a bit different.

Now let understand the key difference

In the online freelancing world, both Upwork and Fiverr have a huge presence. And despite being compared side by side in this post

In one corner both sites are the same. A communication media between the buyer and the freelancer. They both allow you to connect with clients across various skill categories. IN functionally they have some difference. Before you get the answer of which platform is better, you need to really understand those key difference.

In Upwork

A client-first place his/her need. Then freelancers bid for the job. Among them, the buyer chooses one by viewing his portfolio and a interview.

On the other hand in Fiverr your offer services closely related to your skills. Then after viewing your gig clients will buy your gig.

There is a myth that Fiverr is $5 marketplace. This is not true. I revel the all differences between the Fiverr and the Upwork platform. Now, this is not should to give a direct answer to which platform is better. Tapping into either of these can be lucrative. From both site, you can get work and be benefited.

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