“Doing nothing is better than doing bad. Doing something is better than doing nothing. Doing good is better than doing something.”

— Dr. Saad, (19/3/2020)

“Do what needs to be done now. Sweat now or bleed later.”

— Dr. Saad, (1/1/2019)

“You don’t understand the value and importance of your privacy until you have lost it.”

— Dr. Saad, (29/4/2019)

“Be a giver rather than a taker. Everyone loves to take but only a few special people who love to give.”

— Dr. Saad, (20/2/2020)

“Find, search or discover your own unique identity. Then be and follow it.”

— Dr. Saad, (18/3/2020)

“I enjoy watching haters hating me. I love watching lovers loving me.”

— Dr. Saad, (20/1/2020)

“A successful person always stays neutral about what’s he/she doesn’t know and understand. And he/she supports what is right and avoid or reject what is wrong based on knowing, understanding and calculating the correct facts and truth.”

— Dr. Saad, (29/2/2020)

“The person who thinks he/she knows each and everything, he/she is the one who knows nothing.”

— Dr. Saad, (8/3/2020)

“There are 2 types of successful people. 1) Successful people in the unsuccessful field/area. 2) Successful people in the successful field/area.”

— Dr. Saad, (28/3/2020)

“Think before you speak, even if it is speaking to your own self.”

— Dr. Saad, (1/1/2020)

“Most of the people in the world know how to create problems, not solutions.”

— Dr. Saad, (26/3/2019)

“We believe in the big bang and its explosion. But/and I also believe in the one who caused it to explode.”

— Dr. Saad, (15/3/2020)

“Don’t pass the time, use the time.”

— Dr. Saad, (3/10/2019)

“Behind every story, there’s always another story.”

— Dr. Saad, (14/2/2019)

“If you betray me, I will remember, recover and forgive, but not forget.”

— Dr. Saad, (19/2/2019)

“There was and is no successful person in the world who had and has love, praise and positive claims but not any hate, allegations and negative claims against him/her.”

— Dr. Saad, (6/4/2020)

“Often people get confused between pleasure and peace. Pleasure is what you buy for yourself and peace is what you buy and then gift/give others.”

— Dr. Saad, (27/5/2019)

“Love is like a chemical reaction that creates a bond between people.”

— Dr. Saad, (14/4/2020)

“Never ever compare yourself with others. Rather always compare yourself with whom you were yesterday.”

— Dr. Saad, (25/4/2019)

“Most of the people don’t know what they really want and don’t want in their lives.”

— Dr. Saad, (14/3/2020)

“Anyone’s hatred towards me doesn’t harm me rather makes me more famous, more successful.”

— Dr. Saad, (7/7/2019)

“Music is like a drug. When you listen to it you will feel great and lost in the illusion. It makes people get high same as what drug can do but after a while when you will wake up from its intoxication, you will realise the pain and suffering of it.”

— Dr. Saad, (26/1/2017)

“Think positive, be positive, stay positive, live positive.”

— Dr. Saad, (7/3/2020)

“It doesn’t befit the lion to answers the dogs. Dogs keep barking, lions keep moving.”

— Dr. Saad, (7/7/2019)

“No matter how hard you try not to be hated, some people or at least one person will always hate you if you are already successful.”

— Dr. Saad, (19/2/2020)

“Getting a true love and lover is very hard and crucial. The one who has true love and lovers is one of the luckiest human beings in the world.”

— Dr. Saad, (11/1/2020)

“Every human being should learn first how to learn.”

— Dr. Saad, (1/1/2020)

“Never trade your honesty for the temporary worldly gains.”

— Dr. Saad, (4/4/2019)

“Leave a legacy of good deeds and peace.”

— Dr. Saad, (14/3/2020)

“Mentally strong people don’t judge anyone or anything without knowing one’s or it’s everything or at least something enough.”

— Dr. Saad, (29/2/2020)

“A person who can teach himself is the best teacher among all teachers.”

— Dr. Saad, (10/2/2020)

“If you don’t believe something or someone doesn’t exist just because you can’t and didn’t see, then you should also not believe that air exists.”

— Dr. Saad, (6/3/2020)

“Dr. Saad is not just a name. It is a brand.”

— Dr. Saad, (27/2/2020)

“A man having a beard is like a Lion having a mane.”

— Dr. Saad, (20/8/2019)

“It is totally irrational and illogical to compare a mango with a cabbage. Like this, it is totally irrational and illogical to compare yourself with others. It is immoral, insulting and unrealistic.”

— Dr. Saad, (2/3/2020)

“In video games, a pro gamer has to fight with the difficulty level of the game each time in order to reach the upper level and gain rewards. The same way, a strong-minded person has to fight with the difficulties of life each time in order to reach another level and gain prosperity and happiness in life.”

— Dr. Saad, (21/2/2019)

“Maybe everyone can see the scars on your face or skin. But no one can see or feel the scars your heart has.”

— Dr. Saad, (19/2/2019)

“Everything has its own problems and solutions. It depends on you which you take and which you leave.”

— Dr. Saad, (26/1/2020)

“Too much unnecessary thinking is the key to unhappiness.”

— Dr. Saad, (5/4/2020)

“In the corporate world, people say ‘time is money’. If time is money, then I think I need a loan.”

— Dr. Saad, (25/1/2020)

“When you don’t know anything about a matter or a thing, not it’s positive side nor it’s negative. Then you should stay neutral about that matter or thing.”

— Dr. Saad, (4/2/2020)

“A real man is not someone who beats a woman. A real man is someone who wipes the tears of a woman.”

— Dr. Saad, (16/2/2019)

“Your heart should be bigger than your pocket.”

— Dr. Saad, (24/2/2020)

“Most of the people know how to make money, more or less. But barely some people know how to spend money in the right and productive way.”

— Dr. Saad, (18/9/2018)

“The people who try to harm other’s reputation ends up harming their own reputation.”

— Dr. Saad, (25/2/2019)

“Maybe I have 99 problems. But to solve all the problems, I pray to the one who has 99 names.”

— Dr. Saad, (8/1/2020)

“Once trust was or is broken, is broken, will remain broken until the right actions and words heal it, cure it, repair it.”

— Dr. Saad, (16/2/2020)

“Maybe I have 99 problems. But for the solution, I pray to the one who has 99 names.”

— Dr. Saad, (29/2/2020)

“Those who can’t think big, can’t achieve big.”

— Dr. Saad, (7/6/2019)

“All people can be famous in the world somehow if they try. But only a hand-counted few can/become famous in the above and in front of Allah.”

— Dr. Saad, (6/4/2020)

“The person who always thinks about and lives in the past remains in the past.”

— Dr. Saad, (4/3/2019)

“Lovers will keep loving you, haters will keep hating you. Decide which one you want to focus on. Stay encouraged & happy by focusing on the lovers & ignoring the haters or stay depressed & sad by focusing on the haters & ignoring the lovers.”

— Dr. Saad, (1/1/2019)

“Cut off toxic people from your life. They are the true infections in your life that no antibiotic can cure.”

— Dr. Saad, (6/3/2019)

“Work on creating a system, which can produce a result. And those result can produce unlimited or forever results without or with little contribution of you.”

— Dr. Saad, (6/4/2020)

“Sometimes the closest people stab you from your very close. It’s not their fault that they stabbed you rather it’s your fault that you failed to recognise their true faces before and at the right time.”

— Dr. Saad, (30/1/2019)

“If you blindly believe and trust anything or anyone, surely you will be blind.”

— Dr. Saad, (6/3/2020)

“Are you sad? Why are you sad when you have one reason to be sad but a thousand reasons to be happy?”

— Dr. Saad, (7/10/2018)

“Allah doesn’t need to love you. You need to give him a reason to love you.”

— Dr. Saad, (23/3/2020)

“Think twice before blindly trusting some people’s words. Because they have sugar on their mouths but venom in their hearts.”

— Dr. Saad, (4/6/2019)

“If you want to delete your bad Internet history from the God (Allah), then follow this process: “Ctrl+Tawba”.”

— Dr. Saad, (23/1/2020)

“Whatever & whomever you had in the past, already have in the present & will have in the future all are temporary. So don’t be too attached to something that is temporary. Things come & go, so go with the flow.”

— Dr. Saad, (5/1/2019)

“Think and deal like a businessman; Spend like an investor.”

— Dr. Saad, (11/11/2016)

“If a specific brand or a company leads the monopoly of a specific niche or industry, the niche or industry then often recognised or called by that brand or company’s name.”

— Dr. Saad, (30/3/2020)

“Learn to love, learn to not to hate.”

— Dr. Saad, (13/2/2020)

“Before seeking knowledge, learn how to seek knowledge first. Before learning anything, learn how to learn that first. Before doing or saying anything, learn how to do/say that first.”

— Dr. Saad, (22/3/2020)

“Keep separating your personal/private and public life from each other. Don’t let them be mixed with one another. Otherwise, any of them won’t sustain and will cause you more harms than benefits.”

— Dr. Saad, (28/2/2020)

“Every dream comes with a cost.”

— Dr. Saad, (1/5/2020)

“A person who doesn’t understand when to talk and when not to talk is as same as a person who is driving a car but doesn’t understand when to accelerate and when to brake.”

— Dr. Saad, (22/11/2019)

“Curiosity is the bridge to learn something new.”

— Dr. Saad, (10/10/2019)

“Let’s talk about some physics. Be like a proton, always positive in everywhere and every situation.”

— Dr. Saad, (14/4/2020)

“There was and is no successful person in the world who had and has lovers but not haters.”

— Dr. Saad, (13/2/2020)

“Buy like a Businessman, spend like an Investor.”

— Dr. Saad, (5/1/2019)

“Everybody has his own story in his reality and imagination.”

— Dr. Saad, (23/6/2019)

“A very few people know and use the money right, productive, and correct way. While most of the people don’t.”

— Dr. Saad, (20/3/2020)

“There are 2 types of unsuccessful people. 1) Unsuccessful people in the successful field/area. 2) Unsuccessful people in the unsuccessful field/area.”

— Dr. Saad, (28/3/2020)

“Those who lead the easiest life is the laziest one.”

— Dr. Saad, (25/5/2019)

“We humans created are by one God. Our god is one. Not only that, but the entire creation’s creator and God is also one. So we should be united as one regardless of our different sects or religions. Our universal message should be this; “The God is one, the message is one”.”

— Dr. Saad, (27/2/2020)

“Beard is a man’s precious ornament.”

— Dr. Saad, (5/6/2019)

“Talk less, do more. Take less, give more.”

— Dr. Saad, (10/2/2020)

“A successful businessman or entrepreneur cannot be 100% until successfully he creates a system to run his business(s) in autopilot mode without his supervision.”

— Dr. Saad, (26/2/2019)

“Financial struggles teach you half of the reality of the world.”

— Dr. Saad, (2/2/2020)

“Don’t waste your time on the people who don’t have time for you. Rather give your time to them who have time for you too.”

— Dr. Saad, (6/4/2020)

“Difference of opinions between two people doesn’t mean the first person is right and the second person is wrong. There is the probability of several answers available. Such as, the first person is right and the second person is wrong, the second person is right and the first person is wrong, both of them are right or both of them are wrong. Before judging something or someone, we should keep this in mind.”

— Dr. Saad, (15/4/2020)

“Being digitally educated is the key to survive in the digital age.”

— Dr. Saad, (15/4/2020)

“Some people become too obsessed & depressed to not have a perfect life. But actually, in this world, there is not anything like a perfect life.”

— Dr. Saad, (1/4/2019)

“Comparing oneself with others is a sign of ignorance.”

— Dr. Saad, (12/3/2020)

“Feeling regret and guilty after doing sins is the medicine of correcting oneself.”

— Dr. Saad, (14/4/2020)

“I support both smart work and hard work. But more than that, I support smart hard work.”

— Dr. Saad, (4/4/2020)

“I wish I could copyright my every single quote so that no one can steal or copy it and post or publish it by his/her name or credential.”

— Dr. Saad, (29/2/2020)

“Learn to love, learn to be loved.”

— Dr. Saad, (11/3/2020)

“Before doing or saying anything, learn how to do/say that first.”

— Dr. Saad, (22/3/2020)

“Say of/about only those things which you have complete knowledge or at least you know something about it. Stay quiet or don’t say of/about those things which you have no knowledge, nor you know anything about it.”

— Dr. Saad, (4/2/2020)

“Doing something bad is better than doing nothing. And doing something good is better than doing nothing.”

— Dr. Saad, (19/3/2020)

“True love cannot be proved or expressed in words but in actions. Action speaks louder than voice.”

— Dr. Saad, (6/3/2019)

“If you don’t know exactly what you want in your life. Then you will end up having something that you had/have never wanted in your life.”

— Dr. Saad, (2/6/2019)

“When people walk away from you, let them go. Your destiny is not tied to the person who left you. You should not be sad or depressed because whatever or whomever you have/had in your life is/was temporary. In this temporary worldly life, everything come and go. You just need to keep moving on your path of life’s journey with a smile.”

— Dr. Saad, (5/9/2018)

“Be neutral about what you don’t know and understand.”

— Dr. Saad, (29/2/2020)

“Love what is good, do what is good, think what is good, say what is good.”

— Dr. Saad, (1/1/2020)

“A man/woman can love you blindly. But a blind can love you truly.”

— Dr. Saad, (28/3/2020)

“A successful person without haters is like an ocean without water.”

— Dr. Saad, (18/8/2018)