Quotes of Dr. Saad

“Love what is good, do what is good, think what is good, say what is good.”

— Dr. Saad, (1/1/2020)

“True love cannot be proved or expressed in words but in actions. Action speaks louder than voice.”

— Dr. Saad, (6/3/2019)

“A real man is not someone who beats a woman. A real man is someone who wipes the tears of a woman.”

— Dr. Saad, (16/2/2019)

“Maybe I have 99 problems. But to solve all the problems, I pray to the one who has 99 names.”

— Dr. Saad, (8/1/2020)

“You don’t understand the value and importance of your privacy until you have lost it.”

— Dr. Saad, (29/4/2019)

“Each and every human being on earth has a unique fingerprint and Iris pattern that matches with no other one. It means, each and every person has a particular identity and everyone is different from each other in somehow or somewhere. Just like this, you have a unique fingerprint and Iris pattern that will never match with any person and nor any other person’s unique fingerprint and Iris pattern can match with you in the entire world. It means, your desire to become someone else and compare your life or anything of your life with someone else is invalid and irrational. It only ruins your existence, existence and unique identity. Just like any other person can’t become you, you can’t become someone else. Be yourself and don’t compare yourself or anything of your life with others.”

— Dr. Saad, (30/9/2018)

“Once trust was or is broken, is broken, will remain broken until the right actions and words heal it, cure it, repair it.”

— Dr. Saad, (16/2/2020)

“Financial struggles teach you half of the reality of the world.”

— Dr. Saad, (2/2/2020)

“Do good, do good, do good. Leave bad, leave bad, leave bad.”

— Dr. Saad, (1/1/2020)

“Maybe I have 99 problems. But for the solution, I pray to the one who has 99 names.”

— Dr. Saad, (29/2/2020)

“In the corporate world, people say ‘time is money’. If time is money, then I think I need a loan.”

— Dr. Saad, (25/1/2020)

“Islam means peace. And peace is what we want and need.”

— Dr. Saad, (29/2/2020)

“In video games, a pro gamer has to fight with the difficulty level of the game each time in order to reach the upper level and gain rewards. The same way, a strong-minded person has to fight with the difficulties of life each time in order to reach another level and gain prosperity and happiness in life.”

— Dr. Saad, (21/2/2019)

“Think positive, be positive, stay positive, live positive.”

— Dr. Saad, (7/3/2020)

“It is totally irrational and illogical to compare a mango with a cabbage. Like this, it is totally irrational and illogical to compare yourself with others. It is immoral, insulting and unrealistic.”

— Dr. Saad, (2/3/2020)

“Are you sad? Why are you sad when you have one reason to be sad but a thousand reasons to be happy?”

— Dr. Saad, (7/10/2018)

“Do what needs to be done now. Sweat now or bleed later.”

— Dr. Saad, (1/1/2019)

“The person who always thinks about and lives in the past remains in the past.”

— Dr. Saad, (4/3/2019)

“Never ever compare yourself with others. Rather always compare yourself with whom you were yesterday.”

— Dr. Saad, (25/4/2019)

“Before doing or saying anything, learn how to do/say that first.”

— Dr. Saad, (22/3/2020)

“A successful person always stays neutral about what’s he/she doesn’t know and understand. And he/she supports what is right and avoid or reject what is wrong based on knowing, understanding and calculating the correct facts and truth.”

— Dr. Saad, (29/2/2020)

“A successful businessman or entrepreneur cannot be 100% until successfully he creates a system to run his business(s) in autopilot mode without his supervision.”

— Dr. Saad, (26/2/2019)

“I support both smart work and hard work. But more than that, I support smart hard work.”

— Dr. Saad, (4/4/2020)

“Often people get confused between pleasure and peace. Pleasure is what you buy for yourself and peace is what you buy and then gift/give others.”

— Dr. Saad, (27/5/2019)

“Most of the people know how to make money, more or less. But barely some people know how to spend money in the right and productive way.”

— Dr. Saad, (18/9/2018)

“Talk less, do more. Take less, give more.”

— Dr. Saad, (10/2/2020)

“A man/woman can love you blindly. But a blind can love you truly.”

— Dr. Saad, (28/3/2020)

“It doesn’t befit the lion to answers the dogs. Dogs keep barking, lions keep moving.”

— Dr. Saad, (7/7/2019)

“Learn to love, learn to not to hate.”

— Dr. Saad, (13/2/2020)

“I wish I could copyright my every single quote so that no one can steal or copy it and post or publish it by his/her name or credential.”

— Dr. Saad, (29/2/2020)

“Some people become too obsessed & depressed to not have a perfect life. But actually, in this world, there is not anything like a perfect life.”

— Dr. Saad, (1/4/2019)

“Love is like a chemical reaction that creates a bond between people.”

— Dr. Saad, (14/4/2020)

“Cut off toxic people from your life. They are the true infections in your life that no antibiotic can cure.”

— Dr. Saad, (6/3/2019)

“If you don’t know exactly what you want in your life. Then you will end up having something that you had/have never wanted in your life.”

— Dr. Saad, (2/6/2019)

“Beard is a man’s precious ornament.”

— Dr. Saad, (5/6/2019)

“A person who can teach himself is the best teacher among all teachers.”

— Dr. Saad, (10/2/2020)

“A man having a beard is like a Lion having a mane.”

— Dr. Saad, (20/8/2019)

“Doing nothing is better than doing bad. Doing something is better than doing nothing. Doing good is better than doing something.”

— Dr. Saad, (19/3/2020)

“Mentally strong people don’t judge anyone or anything without knowing one’s or it’s everything or at least something enough.”

— Dr. Saad, (29/2/2020)

“Allah doesn’t need to love you. You need to give him a reason to love you.”

— Dr. Saad, (23/3/2020)