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Wordsence is just not only a blogging platform but also a knowledge board. Gives you the opportunity of a movement to liberate you being from the job of 9–5.

The founder of Wordsence.com Mr. Dr. Saad is now just not a name. Dr.Saad now a synonym of self-motivation, hard-working, Businessman, Investor, World religion researcher, gathering funds for the needed persons and so more. Dr Saad with his team Don’t just Teach on various contents, they also will give you a perfect life lesson in a practical bot in your professional and practical life.

Most experts start theirs about pages talking about him and his team. But here Dr Saad gives the reason why his blog will you and how will help you. What this does is actually give his following credentials more weight because you are curious as to who is providing all this amazing value. Rather than talking about how good he is, he lets his examples talk for him.

As businessman Dr. Saad believes that there’s this notion that to grow a business, you have to be ruthless. With proper guideline and stay motivated you can grow your dream into reality. Dr. Saad knows there’s a better way to grow. He believes businesses can grow with a conscience, and succeed with a soul- and wordsence can do it with inbound.

Our Writers

You may be a writer of wordsence.com . We act like a publisher. Now, who are writings for wordsence are leaders in the fieldworld religion researcher, technologies, Software development, online security, seo, freelancing and many more. They are specialist in online/in-person classes about their subjects. They hold advanced degrees. All of our writers are passionate about learning new knowledge and sharing that knowledge with others.

Here is our 3 writers at a glance to give you an overview who writes here.

Dr. Saad

dr. saad
dr. saad

Yes, you are seeing right. Dr. Saad is not only the founder of wordsence.com he is also the main writer of it. It’s been a long time he is writing and a most popular online face today. To get a quick overview of him please visit his personal website. Do you wish to know about his writings? Please visit world largest platform quora and medium.

Prior to wordsence, Dr Saad covered world religion, personal development, business strategies, startup ideas and real-life psychological problems’ solutions. He is also the Director of Infonex Software International Limited, Director of bayannonees.com, Founder of Dr. Saad Industries ltd, Dr Saad group of Industries, Dr. Saad Media Group, Let’s Ask Islam, Dr Saad Tech, Blood Link, World Fundin, Beardman Club, Dr. Saad Foundation.

Md Maruf Siddique

Chief Software Engineer of Infonex Software International Limited, Publisher and Editor of bayannonees.com . Internationally known as finding software security issues and solving them. His passion is to share his knowledge with others. Since 2008 working both local software market place and also the international freelancing platform.

Being motivated by Dr. Saad he decided to dedicate his life searching for knowledge and sharing with others.

Tasif Tanzim

Tasif Tanzim

Senior Software Engineer of Infonex Software International Limited. His nickname is wpmaster. Since last 8 years, he is been working in the software industries, developed 11 templates, 8 wp themes. Loves writings, passionate about learning technologies and share his knowledge with others.



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